How Much Does A Banner Cost?

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We supplied these banners in 2010 and they are still in place!

We are often asked How much does a banner cost?

January 2024
These prices are based on 3 working days, eyelets & hems as standard, 450gsm waterproof pvc, full colour. Multiple quantities are cheaper! It is possible to get your banner faster.

Factors which affect banner printing prices.

The quality of the material will affect the price of the PVC manner. We use a material that is waterproof and that is long-lasting. Some companies use the cheapest material which is available so PVC becomes brittle and cracks quickly.

The finishing of the banner. Some printing companies use very small eyelets on their banners. These grommets are cheap and are often too close to the edge of the banner and the banner rips easily. If you buy a cheap Vistaprint banner, this is what you get! The banner also has to be strengthened at the edges, either by folding and hemming or by using strengthening tape on the edges.

cheap banners
Cheap banners don't last long!

The urgency of the banner printing request. We have several various sized latex, UV and inkjet printers at our disposal, ranging from 1m wide to 5m wide. Each time a job comes through and is approved, the job goes into the appropriate print queue. In order for an urgent print order to be processed, the queue may have to be paused, the urgent job has to fit in and the queue has to be restarted.
This causes an extra expense which the client pays for. On weekends and evenings, if a job comes in late and is urgent, a printing worker and finisher have to stay late to complete the banner printing request, which incurs an additional cost.

The presence of a good graphics file which is ready to print or the need to create a pdf print-ready file. We can create a print-ready file for you but it can take time. If the banner has a simple message and image, the file may not take long to create.

For more complex designs and larger files, the price of the banner will increase, especially if the client wishes to make several changes to the design. If the printing job is urgent, the job may be delayed considerably if the file cannot be approved quickly.

How Much Does A Banner Cost

How much does a banner cost?

In conclusion, an exterior full-colour banner costs less if there is plenty of advance warning before going to print if there are multiple prints on one order.
Banner printing prices can increase for same or next day printing or if files are not ready.

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