1 Super Easy Graphic Design Idea!

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1 Super Easy Graphic Design Idea!

So you need a party banner or a poster printed and you been asked to design it by your manager or your friend for a party or an event. Are you worried? :/ I would be!

Most people head over to their computer and look for Microsoft word to create a document of some sort, so they can send it to the printing company.

Immediately they find that this is not a graphic design program but instead it really is just it word processing program that has got a lot of bells and whistles.

Graphics Difficult to work with.

Negatives and impossibilities of Microsoft Word… It’s difficult to create the size that you want and it’s torturous to move graphics like jpegs around on the document and resize them.

And finally, when you do actually save the file as a PDF, it cuts everything up into bits, it won’t increase the resolution of the images or sharpen them and the poor graphic designer at the other end has to spend a lot of time on putting it into some sort of file that actually works.

An expensive Graphic Design Project?

This means that it probably will add an expense to the final invoice because graphic designers charge between £50 an hour to  £80 an hour depending on the power of the machine they have and how productive it can be – with the professional programs that they have to use such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Can You just Draw it?!

We have often said to people just draw it with their hand on a piece of paper with a pencil. Draw a rough shape put the colours in you want to identify a font type that you really like take a picture of it with your phone and send it by WhatsApp to us.

As long as we have the main parts of your design we can do the rest for you quickly.

And don’t worry about your artistic prowess or say that you can’t really draw very well. It is really just an idea we need but with some details. Just be as detailed as possible!

1 Super Easy Graphic Design Idea

Using an Online Graphic Design Program – Easy Peasy!

Now if you really do want to create your own file and you want to use something that is semi-professional but is really easy to use, try canva.com

On this site, you can create a print-ready PDF file with the drop-down box on the right-hand side, when you have completed your design. It is much easier to do on a laptop or a desktop computer than on a phone.

Use a PC rather than a phone for visual imagery.

Using a phone on canva.com can be a little bit fiddly and you don’t have all the functionality that you have on the desktop PC.

You can add logos, images, text and many more items onto your file and if you pay for the pro version which does not cost a lot you can do an awful lot more as well but that’s only useful if you’re going to be doing a lot of online graphic design.

So just get an a4 sheet of paper and start to draw what you want and if you use a pencil, which I do you can just erase any mistake you make and rectify it.

Point to parts of the file and say – I want that to be this colour and point to certain texts on the file and say I want this to be this colour and this type of font type or even just draw a font and we’ll find you one similar to it.

Humour the Graphic Designer

Make it fun or make it like a cartoon and even say things on the paper like “I am a rubbish artist!” or “I wish I could be like Van Gogh!”

Then just take a photo and send that file by means of WhatsApp!

Have fun!!!

Thanks for reading 1 Super Easy Graphic Design Idea

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