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Large Format Printing Glasgow

High-quality large format printing supplied, designed and delivered fast with digitally printed materials and fast extra-large printing machines.

How wide can we print on large format digital printing machines?

The largest machine at disposal is nearly 5m wide which is the largest wide format printer available in the United Kingdom.

The rolls of PVC material which we can use are 20 m long. This means you could have a single banner with no seams or joins 20m long and 5m high – now that is a big format printer indeed…

Most of our clients only require up to 2m wide on any self-adhesive material for instance, which is in a large format.

This is simply due to the fact that after a certain size it becomes difficult to manage for us as humans to apply this material to windows or flat surfaces.

Large Format Exterior Panels

This also means that a substrate such as corex or 5-mm foam or composite dibond can also be used with a wide format or large format printing machine.

Again these panels often are supplied as 8ft by 4ft or 1220mm x 2440mm. They are also supplied as 3 m by 1.5 m panels. These are size restraints or constraints simply because they can be managed by us and perhaps not by using any specialised machines to install.

How long does it take to get a wide format or large format print done?

It usually takes 2 to 3 days for the normal sizes of panels or banners that people require but they can take much longer for extra wide or extra large print jobs.

This is because large format printers work very similar to the inkjet printers that we all have at home. There are ink cartridges, ink heads and the material is fed into the printer in a very similar manner. Even the ink head itself runs up and down the material placing tiny drops of ink in very precise ways onto the print surface, just like a desktop home printing machine.

How much does large format printing cost?

Approximately £15 to £20 per square meter, maybe more depending on the material, the urgency of the job, the requirements of the graphic design and the quality of the file supplied.

What can large format printing be used for?

Large format printing can be used for interior and exterior signage, PVC banners, wallpaper style graphics, self-adhesive stickers, large posters and much more.

How do I order large format printing work?

Once you have decided the type of product you want, you can select a material to print on. There are many different substrates such as metals, wood, PVC, vinyl, plastic, canvas, paper and fabrics that we can print onto.

Once you have chosen your material and decided on the size, shape and design to be printed, the dimensions will be inputted into the printer to ensure precision and accuracy.

Working from the pdf provided, the printer will spray the ink to match the graphics. Many large format printers have a fast drying process, usually using UV light, so you can use your printed material as soon as it is finished.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may choose to outsource your large format printing. 

Here at G1 Printing, we have access to a range of large format printers which are capable of printing up to 200 inches wide! Get in touch to find out more!

What kind of file is required for Large Format Printing?

The best files for large format prints are scalable files. Jpegs, Pngs are not scalable as they begin to blur or pixelated as they are increased in size. An example of pixelating is when a screenshot or thumbnail is supplied to blow up to the size of an A0 poster. Therefore, the best files are vector-based files, usually associated with programs such as Adobe Illustrator and are saved as pdfs, to scale and to size, half size or quarter size.

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