The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2021

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The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2024. The world of graphic design is an ever-evolving world. Each year new designs set the trends. Some of them come to stay while others go out of style in a short time.

2020 was a challenging year and had an enormous impact on the whole world. People adapted themselves quicker than ever before. New trends and technologies have emerged, and most of them reflect the needs of people.  

Similarly, graphic designing trends of 2024 have put people first and are offering a breath of fresh air during tough times. So, let’s see which designs are emerging as top trends of 2021 and impacting the design industry in different ways.

Revival of symbols

In graphic designing, little things as symbols can make a huge difference. Simple symbols as a red octagon or blue circle with an arrow inside it can save lives and show direction, respectively. People have been using symbols for conveying different messages for years. They are used to convey warnings and transfer a silent message. No matter how small symbols are, they have the ability to transcend language.

Designers are using the power of symbols to convey messages, emotions, and ideas in a simple yet effective way. They are incorporating different popular symbols such as the symbols of stars, nature, and stoic lions to create different designs. Another new thing that has been observed is the modification of classic symbols to make them look modernized. All in all, this revival of symbols is making them one of the top trends of 2024.

Designs inspired by nature

The structures, systems, forms, and colours of nature have always helped graphic designers find inspiration and get innovative ideas. Natural and softer designs have been slowly gaining more and more attention with every passing year. It goes well with the other popular trends like muted colour palettes and minimalism. Filters that have textures featuring stones and create a natural ambience are also popular among the general public. But the present pandemic situation brought nature-inspired designs more attention and made it a top trend of 2024.

Last year when the governments imposed a lockdown and told people to stay inside their houses, the thirst for nature that people had never felt before rose to the next level. People, who were not very fond of going to the parks, started looking for ways to go to a picnic. Designers noticed the current mood of people and have now started creating designs that use different elements of nature. And the good thing is that the essential qualities of nature work for all sorts of designs and commercial field. So, all these things collectively made nature0inspired designs a trend of 2021. This trend is more to be explored and developed.

Cartoon illustrations

Custom illustrations are a smart way to make your brand, design, and art stand out among all old generally used designs and colours. Designers are now using multiple techniques to create varied illustrations that catch the attention yet do not fail to convey the message and also stay in line with the ethos. Illustrations already had people’s interest which turned them into a trend that is here to stay. But the key design in illustrations that turned into a 2024 top trend is cartoon illustrations.

Cartoon illustrations are imaginative and flexible. They convey the message in a playful manner and do not fail to bring a smile to the face. Cartoon illustrations are multifunctional, which means you can use them for creating brand awareness, promoting your products, and much more. You can get a special character designed for your brand and use it anywhere, like your website, poster, business card, flyer, and posters. Cartoons are the figures that people get fond of since childhood. Even in people of older age, cartoons never fail to catch attention and bring a smile. All in all, these factors have made cartoon illustrations a top trend of 2024.

Geometric shapes

The use of geometric shapes in different ways has been rising for many years, but it is expected to reach its peak in 2024. Designers are using imaginative combinations of individual shapes of different sizes and strong colors. Different shapes are used to form something bigger and more recognizable.

Basic geometric shapes are used to create memorable and captivating designs. The shapes are the same that people have been using for years. But their use and combination have changed a lot, resulting in the creation of something different yet recognizable. Simple flat shapes are used to create unique abstract designs. Similarly, the use of 3D geometric shapes is also rising in the designing world. 3D effect and block designs are mixed to create a simple and alluring design that provides a great scope for imagination.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts have been in use since the 15th century, which makes them one of the oldest and trustworthy font styles. As it is one of the oldest font styles, it holds the power to create a feeling of nostalgia in people and evoke good feelings. Many brands have been using plain fonts on their style in creative ways that never fail to catch attention. Popular examples of such brands are MailchimpHinge, and Ellevest.

Even though the use of different fonts has been popular among people, serif fonts are gaining more popularity because they position brands as a trustworthy tool that can help people solve their issues. As the use of bots is increasing, so when brands use classic serif fonts, people feel the post or site has come from a real person and not a bot. Post and landing pages that use serif font seem more realistic in this artificial world, helping brands gain trust. Designers have started using a combination of different fonts more to make the actual message stand out. All in all, serif fonts are at the peak of becoming a 2021 top trend.

The bottom line re The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2024

The graphic design sector is seeing unpredictable growth. New technologies keep coming, and the tastes of people keep changing. We have enlisted the top 5 trends of 2021 for you. If you have not started using these designs, then now is the right time to learn from these trends and make them a part of your future designs. Look here for free graphic design.

The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends of 2021
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