How and When to Use Clear Roller Banners

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How and When to Use Clear Roller Banners.

As countries are lifting the COVID-19 restriction, there is more need to protect yourself, your staff and customers to run your business safely. During these difficult times, clear roller banners have become a popular safety tool, helping people meet social distancing requirements.

If you are unaware of clear roller banners and their use, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have thoroughly talked about this beneficial tool and its uses. So, read on to find why you need to invest in them to get your business on track again.

Clear roller banners

Clear roller banners are transparent screens that act as a protective barrier. While talking, sneezing, or coughing, the droplets that come out of our mouths cannot go through this barrier. This way, it acts as a protective screen between people standing on both sides. They are like the old printed roller banners. The only difference is that the clear banner is transparent while the printed roller banner is not.

They come in different sizes. People use them individually or place different banners together to create a single large screen. Transparent roller banners are made up of clear plastic material. You can wipe them whenever you want and use them over and over again.

How to use a clear roller banner?

Clear roller banners are light in weight and usually come with a handy bag. It makes their transportation very easy. Opening and placing roller banners take only a few minutes. First, select the place where you want to place it. Then unfold its feet and insert the banner pole into its base. Take the banner out of its cassette to form a protective screen.

When to use clear roller banners?

You can use clear roller banners in different settings and situations. The following ideas will guide you on when to use them.

Beauty parlours

One of the most common uses of clear roller banners is in the beauty salons and nail bars. You can place them in between the chairs of two clients. This way, your client will feel safe, and you will be able to keep your parlour’s atmosphere friendly. People will be able to have a friendly chatter even through this transparent screen.

Hair salons

Another popular use of clear roller banners is in hair salons. In the hair salons, a seated area is required for each client. So, you can place a protective screen between all chairs to meet social distancing requirements. It will help you create a cubicle setting and keep your hair salon’s atmosphere safe. After treating every client’s hair, you can wipe clean the roller banner to remove water or any other thing that fell on the surface of the banner during treatment.

Gyms and sports centres

As gyms and sports centres have opened again, people are rushing to bring their bodies and activity level back to track. But the main concern is maintaining social distancing in the environments where the wearing mask may not be possible.

So, you can place these clear roller banners in between every machine or workout session to protect the transfer of contaminated droplets from one area to the other. Clear roller banners are made up of a plastic-like material. So, you can also disinfect them once a user has gone.

Waiting areas

Waiting areas in hospitals also need the same protective and safety measures. People are looking for ways to keep already unhealthy people safe. Most of these waiting areas have rows of chairs or benches. So, pacing the roller banners in between them will not be an issue. As these banners are clear, patients will still be able to see their surroundings and pass their time well.


Restaurants and bars are the places people often visit with their friends and families to spend time together and enjoy delicious meals. They have tables and chairs placed at a close distance which makes maintaining safety and social distance difficult.

So, restaurant owners have now started placing clear roller banners between tables to maintain safety without disturbing the lighting and ambience of the restaurant. This way, customers enjoy the surroundings and feel safe, too.

Charity events

Clear roller banners can help you to maintain health and safety measures during fundraising events. You can place them in the right area to add another protective layer and protect food vendors, guests, and staff. You can use them in a variety of ways.

Another advantage for people who organize events is that they can carry these lightweight banners from place to place easily and make the environment safe for the people participating in an event. Remember to clean and disinfect them before taking them to another event.

Schools and other educational institutes

Keeping students, teachers, and school staff safe during the pandemic is more important than giving education. But because education cannot be compromised any more, schools are trying to create a safe environment for the students to help them study while feeling safe.

You can use clear roller banners in different ways in education institutes. For instance, place them in front of the classroom desks, between chairs in the dining room or canteen. It will keep the environment inviting, safe, friendly, and educational.

Religious settings

Religious settings have a large gathering of people. Maintaining social distance to keep the community safe is very important in such gatherings. You can place clear roller banners between families of worshipers. It will limit the contact between members of different families. Roller banners are easy to transport and lightweight. So, placing them in a large religious setting will not cause much trouble.

Conclusion – How and When to Use Clear Roller Banners

Clear roller banners are lightweight, portable, sturdy, and very easy to use. You can use them in an area of limited space. That is why placing them in places like salons, hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, and indoor gyms can help you maintain social distancing and keep the community safe. They create a protective layer without disturbing the light of the area and interaction among people.

How and When to Use Clear Roller Banners
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