3 Ways to Use Awesome Print Marketing

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3 Ways to Use Awesome Print Marketing. Print marketing is one of the traditional marketing methods. Even though, today, most businesses give priority to social media campaigns and posts, print marketing still holds great importance due to its effectiveness. In this world of digital media and screens, prints act as a breath of fresh air.

In this article, we have explained different ways to use printing in marketing to target more people and maximize sales. So, keep reading and make your print marketing strategy more effective.

Print marketing

Print marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It uses printed media to reach its target audience. Common examples of print media that we see around us are newspapers, magazines, business cards, flyers, banners, posters, direct mails, and brochures etc.

Even in this digital age, when businesses have started to rely more on digital marketing, print marketing still holds great importance and helps businesses grow many times. As it is one of the oldest advertising forms, people still trust it more than digital marketing.

According to Forbes, 66% of the people open direct mails and out of them, 80% of people read the mail for at least one minute. It shows the value and effectiveness of print marketing. As it has several forms, it provides different opportunities to target different types of audiences easily.

If you are thinking of including print advertising in your 2021 marketing strategy but do not know how to use it, then the following ideas will help you make a print marketing strategy that really works.

3 Ways to Use Awesome Print Marketing in 2024

1. Consider direct mail marketing

As the world has digitized a lot, we are so used to getting emails that only a few people pay heed to them. People get emails so frequently that many of them delete emails even before opening them. On the other hand, mails are rare comparatively.

Receiving mails excites many people, and most of them cannot resist opening them. So, if you are planning to launch a new product or increase your brand’s awareness, then send flyers and brochures directly to the homes of your targeted audience.

Distribute flyers in the right places

Many times people get their flyers designed and printed very well. But one mistake that they make is distributing them in the wrong place where their target audience does not come as frequently as it should come. Making this mistake can ruin your effort in designing a flyer.

In this technological world, it is not hard to find information about your target audience. You can learn through the internet where this audience goes frequently, and then you can reach those places to distribute flyers by hand or place them on receptions etc. Targeting people at places where they wait for something like waiting areas, bus stations, etc., is also a good way to reach more people in 2021.

2. Combine print and digital marketing

It is always wise to try different marketing strategies because you never know which one could work wonders for you. Digital marketing and print marketing are two huge forms of marketing. You can combine them and maximize your results many times.

A few examples of combining them are adding a personalized URL (PURL) at the end of a flyer. You can excite and attract people by telling them through an email campaign that a brochure or gift will be coming their way soon. Add hashtags in banners and signage so people who see or read them will be inclined to use them while posting on social media.  

3. Offer attractive deals

People love saving money by buying discounted products or services. So, create attractive deals and discounts to get more customers and increase your sales. You can do this by adding a coupon code to posters or flyers. You can also place a voucher in your product catalogue. It will attract more customers. You and your customers, both, will be benefited. They will look forward to more deals and discounts by your brand.

Do not be shy to ask for help

Take help from the neighbouring businesses and do not get shy to ask them for it. By the help we mean, you can leave your flyers at a nearby hotel’s reception or the waiting area of a doctor and ask the management to help you make flyers more accessible to the target audience. Doing this will help you save your time as well as your effort.

You can also make a deal with them where you both get profit. It will allow you to make their customer’s yours and your customer’s theirs without any loss.  

Don’t miss trade shows and fairs

Trade shows and fairs are a great place to grab the attention of your target audience. You can get yourself registered at these fairs and display different products and services that your company offers.

Consider every person visiting your stall a future customer. So, deal with them in a professional way and give them your flyer or business card when you find them leaving. It will remind them of your products or services when they are in need of them. And they may consider your company for work or purchasing products.

Attach brochures with giveaways

We all love free stuff. So, getting a giveaway excites people no matter what their age is. So, if your brand is new or you have launched a new product, then distribute its free samples among people. But, do not forget to attach a brochure or a flyer with that sample.

Even though the free sample will have the most attention, the flyer will also get a chance to be noticed. People will consider it when they are free or sitting idle, read it, and search your brand on the internet to learn more about it. All in all, it will improve your sales as well as brand awareness.


Print marketing provides several opportunities to marketers to enhance their reach and increase conversions. Get knowledge of your market and target people through the best suitable marketing ways. 

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