What are Standard PVC Banner Sizes?


‘What sizes are PVC Banners?’

The most popular size is the 8ft x 3ft followed by the 3m x 1m and then the smaller sizes of 6ft x 2ft and the 4ft x 2ft is popular for party and celebration banners.

8ft by 3ft banner – eyelets and hems £65
3m by 1m banner – eyelets and hems £85
4ft by 2ft banner – eyelets and hems £39 … 3 working days


G1 Printing can print any size banner for you, and we can print them fast too! Often within 24 or 48 hours but these timescales can change due to demand.


A common question often asked to Printing companies is – What sizes are PVC Banners? People in the print trade will soon tell you that although certain sizes are more popular the real answer to your question is any size you like. The limiting factors on size are down to the buyer, so you should consider the following points before deciding on your PVC banner sizes.


The location of your banner, whether if it is going on a fence or railing it will need to be scaled according to the fence or railing. If it’s going on a wall, decide on a suitable size that will make it stand out.

A handy hint to those without a tape measure, an A4 sheet is just about 30cm in height! Use the sheet to add up to measure.

Viewing distance – If your banner is going on a trailer in a field beside a motorway a 4ft x 2ft won’t do a thing for you and you would be best with a banner at least 18ft x 8ft depending on the trailer size. If your banner is going on your gates to celebrate a party then a 8ft x 2ft would be quite sufficient.

Budget – PVC Banner Sizes dictate the cost, banners are costed based upon a calculation of area so the bigger the banner the higher the cost.

Limiting factors from a banner printer’s point of view would be as follows:

The size of the machine width, common limitations are 4ft wide, 6ft wide and 8ft wide.

The roll width of the Banner Vinyl (or PVC). These are generally sized at 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft.

The length of the banner is limited to the roll length (generally 30M or 50M) and the working area or table sizes.

Both the width and length may also be restricted by the limits the couriers accept in terms of size and weight.

G1 Printing have been printing banners since 2006 and are able print PVC Banners from as little as 1ft x 1ft up to a whopping 8ft x 160ft. However, it is recommended that if you go over 10M (32ft) you have the banner in sections as this makes it more manageable for fitting and handling.

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