Terms & Conditions

This page outlines the terms and conditions between us “G1 Printing” and you the client, consumer or purchaser.

All bespoke printing products are non-refundable as they are printed for each client by order.

Once the client has approved the print by e-mail, no changes can be made as the order is finalised and is on the print queue.

Delivery Times

We do not guarantee a delivery time but for urgent orders, we have been known to deliver 98% on-time reliably and promptly.

Refunds are only made if the print item is delivered to you in a damaged or unsatisfactory state. Ie broken, torn, water damaged etc.

You must take photos of the items if you wish to apply for a refund or replacement print and send them to us within 24hrs of delivery.

Colour reproduction.
Please note, what you see on your computer screen may not be exactly what printing machines prints out, colour appearances may look different. Different printing machines print in different ways with various outputs. You may request a sample print to make sure you get what you need. Refunds are not available for bespoke print jobs which you think should appear other than what we supply. 

Precision Cutting and Trimming
Please note if bespoke trimming is required, tiny imperfections on the edges of paper and card may appear, the exact sizes to a nanometer cannot be guaranteed with the hand cutting guillotines that we use.


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