Covid & Social Distancing Printing

10 Social Distancing Floor Stickers Bundle £55

Ask for a Discount bundle for Covid and Social Distancing Printing. For example, a cafe might need 6-floor stickers, 3 posters and a roller banner. This would normally cost £175 all inc. But, if purchased altogether this would cost only £160 all inc for your Covid & Social Distancing Printing.

Warning Signs / Stand 2m Apart Signs

We are still printing the necessary items for the covid-19 crisis.

We can print as fast as the next day! Please e-mail us with your requirements. We print…

Covid floor stickers. Safe payment dividers. Social distancing posters.

We make…

Hanging window signs.

Clear roller banners for hairdressers.

Covid19 warning signs

“We are open again!” signage

Warning banners

Stand 2m apart banners

“We are still open” signage

Covid & Social Distancing Printing

Covid and Social Distancing Printing

Sanitising Station Counter £129
These ‘Sanitising Stations’ are pre-designed for a fast and simple solution

To help your staff and customers quickly clean their hands or locate equipment to clean surfaces.

sneeze guards

Countertop Sneeze Guards £59
Each sneeze guard is made from sturdy, yet lightweight Correx material with a small opening and clear perspex barrier screen for handling transactions safely. This barrier also shields both parties from potential exposure.

Clear Protective Portable Dividers £55 or 5 for £249
Discounts on multiple orders

Each social distancing screen is produced on a transparent, printable vinyl stock and inserted into a heavy-duty roller casing for easy transportation and assembly. These freestanding banners are ideal for open environments as they create invisible barriers and provide easy cleaning between uses due to the material’s antibacterial properties.

banners offer

Exterior PVC Banner
£49 all inc
2 metres by 0.5 metres

Bespoke Logos can be added. 1-2 days turnaround for your Covid & Social Distancing Printing.

premium covid roller

Premium Roller Banner
£99 all inc
Long Term Use

Bespoke Logos can be added to your Covid & Social Distancing Printing

1-2 days turnaround for these roller banners from your approval.

Covid & Social Distancing Printing

cheap covid banner

Economy Roller Banner
£55 all inc
Short Term Use

Bespoke Logos can be added

2-3 days

pandemic signage

Exterior Banner
£69 all inc
3m by 1m or 10ft by 3ft
Bespoke Logos can be added

1-2 days


2M Apart Floor Stickers
£49 all inc
Anti-Slip Material 40cm wide

Bespoke Logos can be added

Quantity 6

1-2 days

COVID-19 Social Distancing Floor stickers are Anti-slip and anti-scruff removable social distancing floor vinyl. These anti-slip and anti-scuff floor labels are perfect for reminding employees or customers to stay alert and keep 2 metres apart in keeping with Government regulations to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. These floor decals are perfect for environments such as shops, construction, warehouse, retailers, hospitality, medical, office workers.


Pre-printed, self-adhesive Label Signs & Posters Available in A1, A2, A3, A4 and circular sizes. Choose from a range of poster labels reminding employees of how to protect themselves and each other. These signs are suitable for construction, warehouse, retailers, hospitality, medical and office work environments. Sticks securely to smooth surfaces. Removable and leaves no residue. Unaffected by temperatures from -5°C to +60°C

 Social Distancing Signs.

Keep 2m apart, Stay Vigilant to the Covid Threat. Various posters and flat-panel signs available.

Wear A Mask Signs.

Soon there will be almost no excuse for not wearing a face mask while out shopping – covering your face will be as essential as remembering your phone. The rules differ a little around the UK but wherever you live, it’s going to be hard to avoid covering up your mouth and nose. So, these signs are designed to remind and help us all. In order to help convey this message, G1 Printing has created self-adhesive COVID-19 “Wear a Mask” posters for you to use in your place of work. These label signs are completely removable while sticking securely to various surfaces.

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