Amazing Large Format Printing inspires in 2024

large format digital printing

Amazing Large Format Printing inspires in 2021. Large format digital printing has become a popular printing form in the marketing world. We get exposed to its examples every day. We see billboards, banners, and advertisements on buses everywhere. All these forms of prints are large format print products.

Even though we see large format prints everywhere, many people are still not much aware of it. In this article, we have shed some light on different concepts related to large format digital printing. So, read on to find what it actually is and how it can benefit your business.

Large format digital printing

As the name indicates, large format printing is a kind of printing in which large designs or graphics are printed onto large print rolls of width varying from 18” to 100”. Specialist equipment and large printers are used for large format digital printing. They are different from standard commercial printers. That is why businesses that need large format prints for promotion or any other purpose turn to companies that have special large format printing equipment.

Compared to the other forms of printing, large format digital printing is relatively new in the industry. However, with the advent of technology and the development of tools like Al, large format digital printing has also evolved a lot. The numbers and forms of ink, substrate and printers keep on increasing with time. That is why the use of large format printing for different purposes has increased considerably. We see them around us almost every day. Common examples of large format digital prints are wallpapers, vehicle image wraps, posters, banners, backlit film, etc.

Large format digital printer

Large format digital printers are complex and large compared to residential and commercial printers. Most of them are computer-run. Some have a USB port that you can use to upload the print design directly. And some printers are first connected to the desktop to operate and transfer the print design.

Most of the printers use inkjet technology in which ink droplets are propelled on the substrate. Ink type can vary from one printer to the other. Like a basic printing machine, the main parts of a large format printer are heater, ink station, print nozzle, and the area from where substrate material is fed into the machine.

The average cost of a large format printing project

Predicting the average cost of a large format printing project can be difficult. It is because the average cost depends on several factors such as the type of material used for printing, size of graphics, the turnaround time, etc. It is obvious that large graphics and designs will cost you more. Similarly, demanding the print to be prepared in a short time will also cost you more.

This whole thing can frustrate people who want to budget beforehand and need an idea of the total printing cost. But you can still get an estimated amount from the printing company if you know your basic printing requirements. If you tell the company about the estimated size of the design, substrate type, and time, they will most probably give you an approximate average amount.

Materials used for large format digital printing

There are many exciting materials that one can use to produce large format prints. The commonly used substrates are paper, vinyl, fabric, wood, and metal. You can choose any of these materials as substrate based on your needs and purpose of printing. For instance, you can choose a less durable vinyl for retail printing, but if you want to display an ad in the city centre, then anti-graffiti vinyl that is of high quality would be more suitable.

We can divide substrates into two groups. The first group is of the substrates that are hard such as metal or wood. They are fed flat into the machine. The second group is of the substrates that can be folded, such as paper or fabric. They are fed on a roll. Let’s understand each substrate more deeply.


Vinyl is a popular substrate commonly used for long-term and outdoor installations. It is a durable, easy to handle, and versatile material. Vinyl comes in different finishing such as gloss, matte, or reflective mirror finishing. Each type of vinyl has its own benefits and uses. Vinyl is mostly used for outdoor product advertisements. It is adhered to a solid background to provide it with support.


Paper is one of the most widely used substrates for printing. It is because the paper is inexpensive, adaptable, and easily available. However, it is still not a very durable form of material. For outdoor installations, paper is not a popular choice.


With the advent of technology, people are now printing on fabrics as well. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Metal or other hard materials

Large format digital printing is not as common or rigid materials as it is on paper and vinyl. Therefore, finding a printing company that offers this service could be difficult. But with a little effort, you can still get your designs printed on wood, aluminium, or any other metal.

Why should you consider large format digital printing for your brand?

Budget-friendly tool of promotion

Large format digital prints are one of the most popular marketing tools people use to promote their products, brand, and company. They have the power to attract customers from far away. Some business owners may think that it is an expensive promotion tool. But as these prints can last for years, you will actually save your money in the coming years on marketing efforts.

Increases walk-ins and conversions

Large-format prints boost walk-ins and conversions several times. Today many people are focusing more on digital marketing. Well, that is important too, but simple signs still boost conversions more. If you have a store and want to increase your walk-ins, then try a compelling banner or window decal.

Builds brand image

Building a brand image is very important for local businesses and start-ups. You can display compelling print products that have captivating imagery in different locations to increase your brand awareness.

Amazing Large Format Printing inspires in 2021

We totally agree that Amazing Large Format Printing inspires in 2021 So, invest in this valuable tool to expand your reach in the community and take your business to the next level.


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Amazing Large Format Printing inspires in 2021
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