Big Impact Small Budget Advertising in 2021

Big Impact Small Budget Advertising in 2021. Outdoor adverting is a versatile form of marketing that provides several growth opportunities to startups and small businesses that are short of budget. It has multiple kinds that marketers can explore and choose the type that suits their budget the most.

You can make a huge impact by using outdoor advertising in the most effective ways. Want to learn how? Keep reading to find out.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising, also called out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is a kind of marketing in which marketing materials are displayed outside of the homes to grab the attention of consumers. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), historically, outdoor advertising existed even during Ancient Egyptian times.

There are many forms of outdoor advertising. Some of its common forms are billboards, banners, posters, bus advertisement, stickers, pavement signs and all sorts of outdoor displays. All forms have their own purposes and advantages. They help businesses, no matter small or large, grow and boost sales.

Stats show that nearly 71% of people read what is written on the billboards, and 56% of consumers remember the funny OOH they see and talk about it. It shows the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. As it has several forms, ranging from low cost to high cost, businesses that have a small budget can use outdoor advertising to make a huge difference in their sales.

Let’s have a look at some of the cost-efficient forms or techniques of outdoor advertising.

Cost-effective outdoor advertising techniques

Street pole banners

Pole banners are customizable, and you can display them in several areas from where your consumers pass by. These banners are made up of strong material that can tolerate winds, rains, etc. You can hang banners 24/7 on poles outside your café, restaurant, or office. As they are constructed of sturdy material, they prove long-lasting and eliminate the worry of replacing them from time to time.

Pavement signs

Pavement signs are very cost-effective and provide several ways to market your business. You can use pavement signs to promote your business, showcase your products, introduce a new product, or inform the consumers of the upcoming sale. Common examples of pavement signs are flyers, brochures, A-boards, etc.

The advertisement media (paper, board, etc.) used for pavement signs has space on both sides. So, you can display the same text on both sides to let people walking up and down the street read the message. People, who prefer customizing pavement signs every other day, would really like using chalkboard pavement signs. Most cafés place them right outside their doors to display the specials of the day.


Outdoor signage is an effective outdoor advertising tool that allows you to make a great impression and increase brand awareness. Check local rules for signage in your area before designing and displaying them.

Mobile billboard

Mobile billboards are the customized vehicles that have a large body where an advertisement is displayed. The advertisement could be attached to the vehicle or placed beside it when the vehicle is not moving. The advantage of this form of outdoor advertising is that you can move the ad from place to place and target more people in less time.

Recently, the trend of smaller vehicle like bicycles is increasing. It is because smaller vehicles can go even in congested areas and consume less fuel, making them more cost-efficient. Parking them in small areas is also easier.  

Advertising flags

Advertising flags, also called beach flags, are often found in parks, coast, and fairs. They are a catchy and less costly tool used to create brands awareness. People can spot them from afar and read their text too. They are made up of sturdy materials that can withstand harsh weathers.

If you are planning to use beach flags, make sure the content written on them is clear and visible from a distance. Avoid adding too much text as it will make the flag look messy, and reading the copy will be difficult. Also, place them at the right location to catch the attention of your target audience.


Another budget-friendly means of outdoor advertising is stickers. Usually, people do not consider them of much value, but like any other form of outdoor advertising, they, too, have the power to grab attention and increase business awareness.

Using or displaying stickers is pretty easy. You need to know the route that your targeted audience follows mostly. Then display the stickers in that route on different sites such as sidewalks, vehicles, and poles. If you are planning to place stickers on someone’s private property, such as a home wall or car, then do not forget to get permission first.  

Benefits of outdoor advertising

There are numerous benefits of outdoor advertising. Some of its primary advantages are mentioned below.

Cost-effective marketing

Some below believe that OOH advertising is expensive, but in reality, it costs very little compared to the other expensive marketing forms. The good thing is there are many options for outdoor advertising. You can choose only those options that are less costly and fall within your budget.

Targets the right audience

By displaying outdoor advertisements in the right areas, you can reach out to your targeted audience in less time and create an immediate impact. Place ads in the right areas to catch your target audience’s attention and boost your overall sales.

Gives several customization options

Unlike some other forms of advertising, outdoor advertising provides several customizations forms. You can use a chalkboard outside your restaurant to write a new ad every day or display a flag beside your salon’s door. There are many options to choose Outdoor Advertising – A Big Impact on a Small Budget.

Provides maximum exposure in less time

People spend more time outside their homes than inside them. It means they get exposed to outside advertising several times a day, which increases their chances of showing a response. Seeing something repeatedly can trigger them to purchase your products. You have 24/7 advertising opportunity while using outdoor advertising for marketing.

Big Impact Small Budget Advertising in 2021

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