3 Powerful Eco Printing Methods

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3 Powerful Eco Printing Methods. The printing world produces a lot of wastes and pollutants, which can aggravate environmental issues like global warming etc. People and businesses are now looking for ways that are eco-friendly and can help in sustaining the environment without affecting the product quality.

Eco-printing is a step towards saving the world while doing business the right way. It allows the businesses to expand by saving money and energy while working to better the community. If you are not aware of this term and its benefits, keep reading to understand why we all should prefer eco-friendly printing over traditional printing.

3 Powerful Eco Printing Methods.

Eco-friendly printing is the use of environmental technologies that help conserve the environment. These technologies are essentially applied to the three main elements of printing which are printing material, ink, and techniques.

Eco-friendly printing plays its role in reducing pollution, energy consumption, and waste. Through environmental techniques, you not only conserve the environment but also reduce printing cost. All in all, you benefit yourself, mankind, and the whole world by reducing the consumption of hazardous materials and increasing the use of eco-friendly materials.

Eco-friendly printing is focused more on the following elements of printing.

1. Eco-friendly printing material

This is the first of our 3 Powerful Eco Printing Methods. Paper is one of the most commonly used printing materials. Paper is recyclable, but as it is made of wood, which produces oxygen gas and reduces carbon dioxide from the air, the production of paper may cause deforestation. Therefore, reducing its consumption is one of the ways of conserving the environment.

Different eco-friendly products are being used to replace harmful materials. For instance, papers made up of 100% biodegradable and recyclable material are utilized in green printing companies. Similarly, 100% PVC free banners are used in place of PVC banners. Such banners have a chemical called polypropylene (PP). It is a recyclable polymer that has great heat resistance. Some companies use natural or harmless compounds to create entirely different and environmentally friendly printing materials.

2. Eco-ink

This is the second of our 3 Powerful Eco Printing Methods. Regular printing inks have petroleum solvents. These solvents tend to produce harmful compounds called volatile organic compounds (VOC). By replacing the petroleum content of the printing ink with vegetable oils, people have made eco-inks to protect the environment.

Soy and vegetable-based inks are popularly used in green companies. Soy-based ink produces nearly the same effects as petroleum-based ink does. However, some people say that it has more vibrant colours. In the same way, vegetable-based inks use plant-derived compounds that are either harmless or less harmful compared to petroleum. The use of eco-ink contributes to the conservation of the ecosystem.

3. Printing technologies

This is the third of our 3 Powerful Eco Printing Methods. Commonly used printing technologies produce harmful chemicals as a byproduct of the process. These chemicals become a part of the air and lead to air pollution. They also produce more waste materials and consume more energy.

To replace these technologies, experts are inventing eco-printing technologies that consume less material and energy and also do not cause pollution. One of the examples of such technologies is waterless printing. Traditional offset printing uses water to create areas on the paper where the ink does not stick. This printing technique produces VOCs, which leads to air pollution.

On the contrary, waterless technology replaces water with a layer of silicon to perform the same task. This technique reduces the production of waste and does not release VOCs.

Why should you consider eco-friendly printing?

Eco-friendly printing has several long-term benefits. Below are its most prominent benefits that also show why you need to consider this type of printing.

Helps keep the environment clean

Traditional printing techniques and materials produce waste products and harmful chemicals as byproducts. They increase the concentration of VOCs, which are linked to health issues such as lungs or kidneys damage, throat irritation, and skin problems.

Sustainable printing technologies and materials do not have harmful compounds; thus, they are less harmful to the environment and somehow help us reduce environmental pollution. Eco-friendly printing not only helps businesses grow but also save future generations from global environmental issues.  

Saves trees

Paper is the most commonly used printing substrate. It is made of wood which means we have to cut down innumerable trees to make paper. Every year, 60% of the trees that are deforested are used to make paper.

Trees produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. As humans have been cutting them down more due to the high demand for wood, the world has started going towards deforestation, which can lead to major global issues like global warming. Therefore, eco-friendly printing uses FCS-certified papers and other printing substrates that do not require the cutting down of trees.

More budget-friendly

Eco-friendly printing is an affordable option compared to traditional printing. Green technologies consume less ink and use recycled paper. They also consume less energy. All in all, these techniques help you save money in several ways and let you use that saved amount to expand your business more.

Improves brand image

People respect the companies more who focus not only on their earnings but also on the betterment of their community. By using green technologies, eco-friendly ink and paper, you prove that you are concerned about the environment’s health and make conscious efforts to sustain it. It improves your brand image and gives you an advantage over competitors who do not use eco-friendly technologies.

Attracts more customers

Today, people are more conscious about what environmental issues are and how they can overcome them. They like working with companies that follow certain standards and help to conserve the environment.

So, if you use eco-friendly technologies and provide quality services, then you will not only retain your current customers but will also get more in the future.

Conclusion re What is Eco Friendly Printing?

Eco-friendly printing is beneficial in several ways. By using green techniques, you can earn money while saving the world. You can save trees, energy and reduces the production of wastes. Businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices gain the trust of customers and usually have an impressive brand image. Now that the world is facing several environmental issues, it is the right time to start practising eco-friendly printing at offices and homes.

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3 Powerful Eco Printing Methods.
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